Kid Rock Introduces American Badass Grill Because He’s Tired of US Manufacturing Going Overseas

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Kid Rock is tired of seeing “Made in China” on products, so he’s doing something about it.

Kid Rock recently introduced the American Badass Grill, “We are proud to introduce the American Badass Charcoal Grill, made 100% in America, down to the very last screw. Because if it’s not made in America, it’s not American Badass.
Join Kid Rock in the movement to bring jobs home. And grill up some badass food, while you’re at it.”

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May your weekend be badass.

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To introduce the grill to consumers, Kid Rock shared a video with facts about US manufacturing and then, also, videos of him blowing up grills not made in America.

Kid Rock also boasts that the grill is:

  • Made in the USA — by American workers for American workers.
  • Tough. Hardworking. Built to last.
  • Full-throttle grill in a portable size. Large enough to fit 12 burgers, small enough to take the party on the road.
  • Gets the job done. Dual damper system cooks to perfection – hot & fast or low & slow.