Kristen Bell And Jimmy Kimmel Started A Christmas Shopathon For A Good Cause


Holiday shopping can be stressful. Sometimes we need someone to come alongside us and help. If you struggle with Christmas shopping, Kristen Bell and Jimmy Kimmel have just the thing for you: The RED Shopathon. The best part: every purchase with support RED in their fight against AIDS. Get a present your Dad will love and help save lives? God bless us, everyone.

Kimmel and Bell were joined by Bryan Cranston, Ashton Kutcher, Rita Wilson, DJ Khaled, his son Asahd and Guillermo to highlight everything from shower products to strollers.

My question is when is Kristen Bell going to get a late night show of her own?

Bryan Cranston took a shower and then rode a scooter out of the studio

DJ Khaled reminded parents to think ahead when packing their diaper bag.

And Jimmy and Kristen found the meaning of Christmas in a suitcase.

If this is what QVC was like, I would probably watch it.

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