This Cookbook Written By Kindergartners Will Have You Laughing Out Loud


You can find any recipe online in ten different varieties from twenty different sources amenable to any random or restrictive diet. But there are some recipes you would not want to try, for example, recipes from children. But, even though you may not want to try a kindergartner’s cake recipe, you will want to read them, especially if you are a parent.

Twitter user Macy Hollenkamp‘s mother is a kindergarten teacher, and a dang good one from what I can tell. Every year, she compiles a list of recipes written by her students that are creative, bonkers, and bluntly honest. Take, for example, Jayden’s carrot recipe:

  • 10 Carrots
  • 18 minutes of flour

Cut the carrots with a knife and put them in a pan. Cook them on the stove for 100 minutes. Add the flour. Mix it all up with a big spoon. Then it will be done!! No one is going to eat them. No one likes carrots. We want mac and cheese!

Amen, kiddo. We do want mac and cheese!

The whole list of recipes is pretty hilarious. Who knows. you may pick up a trick or two!

Bentley’s Rolls: genius, understated, edible!

I want Harper to cook my Thanksgiving meal next year. His corn recipe looks uh-mazing and I like my food dangerous.

Jordan Keller
Pop culture junkie and half-hearted foodie.

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