Kristen Bell’s Mom Once Made a Movie Starring Two Dead Cockroaches

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Actress Kristen Bell is one funny lady. Not only does she portray characters on the big screen that make us laugh, but her ability to make fun of herself and open up about funny, embarrassing situations that she’s experienced throughout her lifetime, makes her relatable, interesting and downright hilarious.

And after hearing how she was raised, it’s no mystery how she became this way.

While visiting the set of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” recently, the 36-year-old actress told a hilarious and, honestly, pretty weird story about a time her mom made a home video that starred two dead cockroaches.

“Well, when I went to college, my mom would maybe have a sip of wine and make me these long videos of, like, cut-together funny footage or things she was doing at the house while I was gone,” she said. “And one of them was, the backstory is, she found these two giant cockroaches — she love taxidermy, side note — she found these two giant cockroaches in Florida and not only felt the need to transport them back to Michigan, but then she put strings on their little dead bodies and she puppeteered them in a video.”

Weird? Yes. Hilarious? Also, yes.