Kristen Bell Rapping A Kris Kross Sprite Commercial From 1993 is the Most Impressive Thing We’ve Ever Seen


We’ve known for a long time that Kristen Bell is more than just an actress. She can sing, dance, be hilarious, mother, take care of people during a hurricane and rap commercials that are 25 years old.

Dax Shepard recently shared a video of Kristen wrapping a Sprite commercial from 1993 featuring Kris Kross. We don’t even remember this commercial being a thing, so that makes the feat even more impressive. And it’s a real rap, too.

GotDAMN does my girl still got it. Holy smokes. #Mombshell

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She got most the lyrics right, though she was a little fast. Also, why isn’t she holding a Sprite?

Hey yo, Chris, wassup blow, what’s that in yer hand?
It’s the S to the P-R-I-T-E can
Understand the cause Chris, drink the crazy crazy twist
Of unexpectedness that you should never miss
So what’s your name? Daddy M-A-C
And what’s you drink? S-P-R-I-T-E, why?
Cause it’s a lifesaver when you need thirst quenchin’ like a
Kiss with a Lymon twist now you know that’s kickin’
Word – So drink up drink up, it’s what you gotta do
Cause I like the Sprite in you

And the original:

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