Lady Gaga Takes the Wheel From James Corden During Carpool Karaoke

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The second Lady Gaga got in the car with James Corden, she decided to act like a real friend in the passenger seat by empathizing with James’ traffic woes and yelling, “move, bitch!” at passersby. Of course, that yell led into Gaga and James singing Ludacris.

James also decided to give Lady Gaga a go behind the wheel after she shared that her dad cried when she got her driver’s license a couple of months ago. Gaga immediately started honking and braking and swerving.

Mostly, the entire ride showed off Gaga’s incredible vocals and how normal she is when she’s not dressed like David Bowie on the red carpet. Until she got to the part about how she bought 400 pieces of clothing from Michael Jackson’s estate. Because, that’s normal.

Before it was all said and done James dressed up in some of Gaga’s most famous fashion choices, including the meat dress, which made Gaga say, “you really should take that off,” as she gagged.