Lessons Learned From Southern Charm

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Unless you are a local, you probably don’t know that many Charlestonians are unhappy with the way the city and her people are being portrayed on Bravo TV’s reality show, “Southern Charm.” Hoo boy, they are hot about it, mostly because they are fine Southern gentry, and these plebes are sullying their good names which is just not done. Well, not until now, and gracious, it is entertaining and full of educational opportunities about the South that are really true anywhere.

It’s Always Who You Know

Did anyone else notice that every cast member mentioned that it was Whitney Sudler-Smith, who is the best character because of his waxy features, terrible hair, and “I don’t care what you think” attitude, convinced them to join the show? Did anyone else notice that Whitney is also an Executive Producer? That means Whitney is making more than just appearance money from this show, and don’t for one second think that his casting suggestions were an accident. He’s brilliant in that he and his friends are profiting.

Rich People (Or People Who Appear To Be) Stick Together

Because Whitney is wealthy, or at least his mama is, he runs in circles with some people who have trust funds (Shep Rose); who come from wealthy families and have a “real estate monopoly” (Thomas Ravenel); and who have wealthy boyfriends and also claim to have “invested well” (Jenna King). The others (Cameran Eubanks and Craig Conover) don’t appear to be independently wealthy, but are pretty enough to pass for it until they are. Fun fact: Whitney’s mother, Patricia Altschul, was married to Serena Altschul’s father until his death.

Rich People Will Do Their Best To Stay Rich 

Thomas and baby mama, Kathryn Dennis, had their daughter in Florida instead of South Carolina. That is odd, considering how much they both discuss their allegiance to the Palmetto State and how important their combined historical lineage is to both of them. It’s just that those pesky rights to paternal wealth are stricter in South Carolina than they are in Florida.

Shame Has No Place In This Game

Obviously, if you are willing to be on a reality show, your concern for acting well in public is overridden when you are consistently drunk on TV. Of course, Thomas had already been ousted from his office as State Treasurer several years ago for a felony cocaine possession conviction. He’s already showed his tail to the world, so what does he have to lose? He recently announced his plans to run for Senate, and he is likely to win because of increased name recognition.

Image Source: BravoTV.com