Lisa Kudrow Got a Blanket from Taylor Swift Once (With Taylor Swift’s Face On It)

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People have a strange fascination with Taylor Swift. At times, I can be included in this category, but I do think things start getting weird when reporters have a designated question for every celebrity on the planet about Taylor.

Basically, if a celebrity has even been in the same room as Taylor at any point in their life, they get asked about it– even if you’re Lisa Kudrow.

During one of Taylor’s LA tour stops on the 1989 Tour, Lisa took the stage to perform her Friends’ character’s most famous tune, “Smelly Cat.”

Now, almost 2 years later, fans are calling into “Watch What Happens Live” to ask her if she’s in Taylor’s #GirlSquad.

Obviously, Kudrow revealed that she’s not in the squad, but Taylor did send her a blanket for Christmas.