Lorde On Taylor’s Squad: “I Don’t Hang Out With These People At All”


Taylor Swift’s squad is a who’s who of female musicians, models, and icons. The idea we get from Instagram and magazines is that Taylor has unified the most powerful women in the Western World into the ultimate friend group. Lorde, the New Zealand musician, is a well known part of this squad. Maybe.

In an interview with Australia’s version of the Today Show, Lord said that she really doesn’t hang out with the squad at all.

When asked how she has adjusted to rubbing shoulders with Taylor’s squad she responded

“The second you think too hard about it, you’ll just go insane. It’s best to just be like, ‘We’re in wonderland, that’s just what happens around here.’ Like, also, I don’t hang out with these people at all…You make friends in different places, but I don’t call up my idols for advice, necessarily.”


It may be that Lorde is just friends with Taylor. Whatever the case, it is strange that a middle aged man is freaking out over Taylor’s squad and that news outlets are more concerned with Lorde’s friends than her in interviews.

Linda Beth
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