Jimmy Kimmel Asks Lucas “Whaboom” Yancey About His Time On TV And It Was Too Much

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What can we say about Lucas? Not much, actually. He has a cartoonish catchphrase, was an unrepentant self- promoter, and made up some crazy stories. He could have been a comedian in the 90’s, but when your best bit is an Ace Ventura impression? Yeah Lucas, your two thousand and late. Immediately after Lucas was eliminated from “The Bachelorette” last night, Jimmy Kimmel got “Whaboom” on a video call to ask him about his catchphrase and his rivalry with Blake.

What is readily apparent during the interview is that Lucas is an attention monster– the more attention you give him, the worse he gets.

Did he buy that Gandhi poster for the interview? Maybe. Does he know anything about Gandhi? He probably thinks Gandhi was a cool bro who posted some sick quotes in India or whatever.

The best part of the interview was reliving Blake’s heart-to-heart with Lucas. Blake got pulled into the Whaboom Bog and, when Rachel decided to drain the swamp, it was too late to climb out. When he confronted Lucas, he looked like an exasperated father who was trying to help his wayward teen son.

“Hey champ, your Principal called me at work. It’s been a busy day and I really don’t have time to be here but I don’t want your mother to deal with this.”

“I can’t come down here every time you decide to skip class to make a viral video.”

“Do you understand why setting the gym on fire is a stupid idea? I don’t think you do.”

Then Blake lost his composure.

That’s a bad “whaboom.” It’s almost like he never saw a real “whaboom.”

He’ll never become a drummer acting like that.