Could Luke Bryan Be A New “American Idol” Judge?

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The ABC reboot of “American Idol” is looking to be bigger and better than any reality competition on TV. They have a lot to live up to if they are going compete with what the show was on FOX. To their credit, they have a great head start by securing Katy Perry as a judge. Her contract took a large portion ($25 million) of the shows budget. Many are not expecting the remaining judges to share her star power, but there is another superstar who could be sitting in Keith Urban’s old seat.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “American Idol” is in talks with country superstar Luke Bryan to fill out the judges panel.

We can only speculate to if it will happen or not. Will he be fun? Absolutely! The man majors in the art of the party. But he loves being with his family in Nashville and is not about that LA lifestyle. It would be a luxurious gig, but one that would ask him to make a lot of sacrifices and essentially be on the road for a year. We’ll just have to wait and see if the rumors are true.

They are also looking at Charlie Puth and Lionel Richie. Richie makes sense: he’s a seasoned music veteran with a voice of gold, but for a show that focuses on a young audience, he may be past his prime. Puth is a boy pop singer who will attract a young audience, but seems redundant to Perry and has little to no industry clout. Neither are very exciting choices for the show. Luke Bryan seems like the best bet, but we’ll just have to wait and see if he signs on the dotted line.