Luke From "Gilmore Girls" Is Starting His Own Coffee Brand

Luke From “Gilmore Girls” Is Starting His Own Coffee Brand

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Scott Patterson has a lot in common with his “Gilmore Girls” character, Luke, a friendly diner owner with the honed ability to brew the perfect cup of coffee. He not only has a passion for quality coffee, but also will be serving coffee in diners across the nation- in a figurative sense.

In 2016, fans of the show had a chance to “visit” Luke’s diner when 200 coffee shops rebranded as pop-up shops in honor of “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life”. Fans se this as a chance to bring the show closer to reality.

Well prepare to be pissed @MTV1994, because Patterson’s brand will be called “Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee”, which is not a great name, TBH. Maybe they can change it to something simple like “Scott’s But Not The Fertilizer” or “Big Mug But Not The Root Beer”. I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud here.

There are a few business ducks to get in a row before the brand launches, but fans should expect to see the coffee on shelves in the near future.