“Dancing With the Stars” Pair Eliminated After Earning a Perfect Score And People Ain’t Happy

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Last night was shocking. I don’t say that to be extreme, merely as a fact. There were good dances, weak dances, and outright gorgeous performances. But the teams with lower scores were rewarded for mediocrity.

A couple danced an objectively perfect rhumba and went home. Heather and Mak’s performance was graceful, elegant, and passionate. It was what the rhumba should be.

But, sometimes the numbers just don’t make sense. At the end of the night it was the team who hit perfection that were eliminated.

Social media lit up with reactions from fans who felt Heather and Maks were robbed, which is true. It just goes to show how important the public vote is. The public’s hand is stronger than the judges.

Excellent dancers who don’t have the votes will go home. But let’s not let that detract from the performance. It was an excellent rhumba, one I hope is remembered throughout the season as one of the best.