Mandy Moore Tried to Describe Each of Her “This Is Us” Co-Stars in One Word, But She Couldn’t

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Almost overnight, Mandy Moore went from being the girl who sang “Candy” and starred in “Walk To Remember,” to everyone’s favorite TV mom to love and be annoyed with on “This Is Us.” Like, I am Moore’s age and I vividly remember when “Candy” was huge. I also remember my friends being obsessed with “Walk to Remember.” And not that she hasn’t been doing stuff in the last few years, it’s just that– “This Is Us” is huge these days and we’ve all kind of forgotten that we grew up with her.

What’s even more interesting about the cast of “This Is Us” is that all of them have been around for a while, but each of them are now household names because of how beloved the Pearson family is. So, it’s really not that surprising that when Cosmopolitan asked Moore to describe each of her co-stars in just one word– she couldn’t. She had to really gush.

  • Milo Ventimiglia: Boundless (+ just the greatest in every way)
  • Chrissy Metz: Spectacular (one of the funniest / crazy talented)
  • Sterling K. Brown: Majestic (brilliant doesn’t even cover it)
  • Justin Hartley: Magnificent (+ tall + utterly handsome)

And how would we describe Moore? She’s like candy, baby!