Mandy Moore Shows How She Goes from 33 to 66 During “This Is Us”


Technically, Mandy Moore has two roles on NBC’s hit show, “This Is Us.” She’s the young Rebecca with three kids, a husband and a singing career. And she’s also the old Rebecca with a second husband, grandkids and a bad haircut.

To age gracefully 30-plus years or so, Moore has to spend some time in the makeup chair and recently, she took fans through the process on Instagram.

Moore said “getting older is a lot of work” in the video and she’s right– on several accounts.

Last season, the show’s makeup artist Zoë Hay told “E! News,” that making Moore a convincing grandmother is tough, “I think old age makeup is the hardest thing to do convincingly. It can go awry very quickly. My apprehension is we have this beautiful woman, Mandy, who is in hear early 30s and you want me to make her how old? And convincingly? And in talking with the producers and the show creator, Dan Fogelman, our concern was always that we know instantly who she is—there’s never any doubt of that—but also that she look elegant and beautiful and graceful and all of those things as well.”

Lauren Cowling
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