Marines Throw The Best Gender Reveal Parties


Gender reveal events are everywhere. I dare you to go on Facebook and avoid them. You can’t. It’s impossible. They are so pervasive that I’m afraid I will stumble into one while grocery shopping. I prefer my dairy gender neutral, thank you very much. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled when the people I love are having children. That’s the best. But I won’t be any more or less happy if it’s a boy or a girl. Either way, I’m good. That being said, there is only one kind of gender reveal that I’m interested in seeing: military vets getting the great news in a truly surprising way. That is a reveal worth watching.

Captain Gregory Veteto is currently deployed with the U.S. 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf and his wife is pregnant. I can’t imagine that sacrifice. Any news for him is good news and, I’m sure, he was dying to hear how his baby was developing including the gender. So his wife filled a football with powder and mailed it to her husband with a sonogram of their baby. When he punted it, this happened:

Excellent form, sir!

That’s one happy Dad.

Dusty Sullivan
A southern fella whose roots are in The Natural State and heart is in the outdoors

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