A Simple Game of Trivia Goes Off The Rails When Mark Wahlberg And Ellen Literally Start Talking S#*!

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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are an unusual but effective comedic duo. Will has his sly wit and Mark is more of the blunt force Bostonian acting first and thinking second. To promote their sequel to the father-comedy (is that a genre?) “Daddy’s Home” the two showed up on “The Ellen Show” to play a game of trivia against an 11-year-old who could both hold his own in academia and doesn’t mind cursing because “his mother talks like a truck driver.”

The trouble started after Zachary took a commanding lead over Ferrell and Wahlberg. The adults rang in too early for a question only to find they did not know the answer, which lead Marky Mark to say something censors don’t like. Then it just became a literal case of “he said she said.”


But what about the child! LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!

Man, welcome back Ellen!