Matthew McConaughey’s First Kiss Did Not Go As Planned, But “It Was Worth It”

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Matthew McConaughey sure knows how to weave a yarn. The Chief Storyteller at Wild Turkey could grab your attention with just about any subject– just give him a prompt and let the man go. He can tell a story about his mother’s kitchen table or his father’s shady business deals and leave you wanting more. In a recent interview with W Magazine, those stories became a segway into a more personal discussion of pet peeves, hopes, and his first kiss as a teenager.

McConaughey’s story is a lot like most folks: sneaking into the woods during a school or church event and have some trouble with your braces getting caught. “My lips got caught for a second, but it was worth it,” he chuckled. “I was high as a kite for six months after that!”

McConaughey also discussed his two major pet peeves: using the word “unbelievable” and creating false drama. His thought is when you use a word or feeling too much, it becomes useless. If you say very believable things are unbelievable, when the truly astounding comes along, you won’t have an adequate word to use.

That goes doubly for drama.

“I don’t have much patience for false drama because the real drama does come. Someone does actually get sick. Somebody does actually die. We do have real things to be thankful for and I sure don’t like to create false drama. No one in our family does–I just won’t allow it.”

Maybe that is the secret to becoming a great storyteller; using everything in it’s place.