14 Funny Tweets About Michael Phelps That Will Make You Say, “Yup”

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Michael Phelps is undoubtedly one of the greatest (if not the greatest) Olympians of all time.

Throughout his career, the 31-year-old swimmer has won 26 Olympic medals, with 22 of them being gold. Recently, he upped his individually held gold medal count to 13, breaking the Olympic record held by athlete Leonidas of Rhodes for 2,160 years — basically, the man makes us mortals look like athletic trash.

With this Olympic year being one of the best of his career, there has been a lot of fan-talk on social media about Michael, his unmatchable athletic ability and his insane number of gold medals.

14 Tweets About Michael Phelps That Will Make You Say, “Yup”:

1. We can call this “medaling.”

2. “daddy body”

3. Even Katie Leducky is a Michael fan.

4. He’s the best there is.

5. Because who wouldn’t love a chocolate Olympic Gold Medal

6. Maybe his music choice is the secret.

7. He has to be part dolphin, right?

8. Or mermaid.

9. At least, this is what should be happening.

10. Thanks to Michael, we are all disappointments.

11. I can’t even comprehend competing in one of these events.

12. I wonder if he has a medal room.

13. When you know there’s no chance.