Miley Cyrus Makes ‘Her-story’ On “The Voice” With First All-Female Team Thanks To Country Rocker Megan Rose


GIRL POWER! The blind auditions for this season of “The Voice” are officially over, and Miley Cyrus is going down in “her-story” by having the first all-female team.

20-year-old country rocker Megan Rose completed Miley’s 12-woman team with her performance of “Ode To Billie Joe” by Bobbie Gentry (which was incredible). Blake and Jennifer’s teams were already full at the time, but both Miley and Adam turned their chairs– and Miley was determined to get Megan on her team from the start.

After Megan’s performance, Adam told her to come sit in his chair while he and Miley fought it out. And he tried really hard to make his point. He even said a couple of mildly insulting things, like that having an all-female team would sure be “nifty,” and that Megan would have to deal with girl-on-girl crime as a part of Miley’s team. LOL.

Miley came back at Adam with some serious girl power and told him that an all-girl team isn’t nifty, it’s powerful. “GIRLS, CAN I HEAR YA?!”

Ultimately, Megan couldn’t pass up the chance to go down in “her-story” alongside Miley.

Unfortunately for Miley, there’s a big chance some of her ladies will get stolen by other coaches as the show progresses, but we’ll see what kind of “her-story” she makes until then!

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