Milo Ventimiglia Is Here To Help You Mourn The Loss Of Jack

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We have known Jack was dead since the first episode of “This Is Us.” It shouldn’t have surprised anyone. But as we fell in love with the Pearson family, it became more and more difficult to imagine that Jack could actually die. No one is more aware than Milo Ventimiglia who is ready to give hugs to grieving fans and hear their stories.

Even though Ventimiglia is only 40 (he is not even the oldest in the cast), fans flock to him for fatherly advice. They want to share stories with him, give him a hug and have “Jack” tell them everything is going to be ok. And right now, Milo is cool with that.

“I can’t escape it,” he told Jimmy Kimmel.

By the looks of it, he came in from his day off. He is off to the next adventure. He may not be a part of “This Is Us” anymore but to us, he will always be Jack.