Milo Ventimiglia Reading and Responding to Sad Tweets About Jack’s Death on “This Is Us” is Our Only Solace Right Now

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I don’t know about my fellow “This is Us” fans out there, but I am definitely still NOT okay after watching the post-Super Bowl episode, or the one following it. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s just a show, and Milo Ventimiglia (AKA, Jack Pearson) is still alive and well in real life– but wow, that cast is good.

After all of the backlash towards Crock-Pots began following the pre-Super Bowl episode, Milo was quick to jump to the company’s defense, even appearing in a short ad asking for forgiveness for Crock-Pots everywhere. Now, he’s reading the saddest Tweets about his character’s death on “This Is Us,” and it’s truly the only thing providing solace and comfort after recent episodes.

Also, he says we should all give Miguel a chance and wait to see how he and Rebecca end up getting together in the first place. If you say so, Jack.