10 Movies to Binge on Netflix

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Netflix is a goldmine for films that you’ve never heard of, or you haven’t seen in years. Oh, there’s new stuff too, but the real achievement is when you find a nugget that completely changes your Sunday afternoon. Whether it’s a comedy, drama, documentary or horror flick, Netflix has it all.

1. “The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom”

An 11-year-old girl finds out that she was adopted. It’s 1976 and Dolly Parton is a huge rising star and this little girl’s idol. The girl decides that Dolly Parton must be her birth mother and sets out on a journey to reunite. It’s a cute, quaint film that was released in 2012. You might even shed a tear as you watch this mother-daughter tale.

2. “Begin Again”

A down-on-his-luck record executive hears the potential in a young songwriter in one of the most accurate depictions of the music industry in film. Keira Knightley plays the songwriter, whose rock star boyfriend (Adam Levine) dumps her and inspires a slew of songs. She meets Mark Ruffalo, the record executive, that they find their new beginnings together.

3. “Housebound”

Some might consider this to be a horror film, but it falls closer to horror-comedy. Oh and mystery. And there’s no major gore. In short, a girl — who has engaged in a few criminal activities – returns to her mother’s home for a court-ordered house arrest when weird things start happening in the house. Is it a ghost? Is it a serial killer? The movie keeps you guessing until the very end.

4. “Beware, Mr. Baker”

Ginger Baker is probably best known as a member of the rock band, Cream. Music fans familiar with him or not will find this documentary fascinating. It follows a young man who wanted to meet Mr. Baker. So, he lied and told him he was a Rolling Stone magazine reporter and went and stayed with Baker in Africa. The documentary follows the strange and wild life of Baker, who is generally considered the best drummer in the world.

5. “Glen Campbell, I’ll Be Me”

Follow the Rhinestone Cowboy has he embarks on his final tour. Glen Campbell bravely let cameras into his life as he made public his struggle with Alzheimer’s. This documentary is an intimate look at the country star and his disease.

6. “The Life of Riley”

Riley B. King was a beloved member of the music community. In fact, many consider the man — who we know as B.B. King — to be the greatest blues singer of all time. This documentary, which is narrated by Morgan Freeman, follows King’s life from the cottonfields of Mississippi to one of the best memorable music careers.

7. “Serena”

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper play lovers trying to build a business and a family. The depression-era story takes place in the couple’s timber company in North Carolina.

8. “Election”

Reese Witherspoon is on a mission to win the presidential election … at her high school. However, one teacher is out to see that she doesn’t take the title. Hilarity ensues.

9. “Ida”

Yes, it has subtitles, but hear me out. Ida is the story of an orphaned girl in post-WWII Europe. She’s readying to take her vows to become a full-fledged nun when she discovers she is Jewish and that her family was killed in the Holocaust. It’s a moving film with a simple story.

10. “Chef”

Chef is fun story about the relationship between a father and son … and food. After a dramatic exit from a high end restaurant in California the chef, Jon Favreau (the guy who directed Iron Man), decides to open a food truck and travel the country making food that he’s passionate about. It’s a great story about following your gut and sharing your passion with those you love.