“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 5: Will Anyone Ever Listen to Scarlett? And Where’s All the Music?

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As season five of “Nashville” truly starts to take shape, the plot holes and questions are also starting to take shape. Last episode, we didn’t see Maddie or her new beau once. This episode, Avery and Juliette must be off doing physical therapy in another state because they’re totally gone. Kevin and Will were sure struggling to find their way a week ago, but now they don’t exist.

Also, where’s all the music?!

37 Thoughts on Nashville Season 5, Episode 5:

  1. Gunnar is wearing some really great eye makeup. Hope he does a tutorial for us.
  2. Scarlett wants a little more coverage.
  3. Rayna may or may not have figured out that social media boy is her stalker.
  4. Maddie is in a car with a boy listening to a tape. Do tapes really still work?
  5. Has Maddie not learned her lesson? She can’t just do whatever she wants.
  6. Maddie don’t care. It’s for the music.
  7. You know Maddie thought that singer was welcoming her to the club.
  8. Digging this Opry history lesson.
  9. Oh, Maddie. You can’t be kissing boys in vacant parking lots.
  10. Dating is illegal? That kid has a one-track mind.
  11. Bucky has confronted social media boy and social media boy says he took the photo off of Rayna’s desk for his mom.
  12. Why would his mom want some cheap frame?
  13. Rayna is scared and she’s firing social media boy.
  14. Maddie is now playing a new song she wrote over the phone to the guy, but he can’t hear it. So, she’s going out to meet him.
  15. Why are Rayna and Deacon so chill about this?
  16. This music video seems like a disaster.
  17. Wait. How old is this kid Maddie seeing? He lives in a recording studio.
  18. Time out. If this guy is so well-versed in the history of Nashville, wouldn’t he know who Maddie is? She’s pretty public and out there.
  19. Forget Rayna. Remember Maddie’s dad? He was the mayor once.
  20. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Clay actually has bigger issues and he finally addresses it.
  21. This music video director is a little extra, you know?
  22. Gunnar is kind of dumb and confused, right? And he lets people really dictate his thoughts. Really need him to get it together at some point during this show.
  23. You know, Scarlett has been telling people for years exactly who she is and isn’t in very direct ways. Will anyone ever listen?
  24. Look, once again, Scarlett is telling Gunnar who she is and what she believes in. He is not listening.
  25. Maddie has decided to take her thoughts, feelings and concerns to Juliette Barnes for counsel. Like, JB doesn’t have other things to worry about.
  26. “Screwed up men are sexy. Until they’re not.” — Juliette Barnes and her PROFOUND wisdom
  27. Uh-oh. Maddie’s beau just told two rednecks that “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” is a crap song. This is true, but probably won’t end well.
  28. Rayna spends approximately 9 seconds on the music video set and immediately realizes she’s miserable. Is Rayna the only insightful person in Nashville, Tennessee?
  29. Those Kenny Chesney fans beat up Clayton.
  30. Oh, so now Will is on the set of this music video. So, yeah, of course, Rayna’s new business partner is hitting on him.
  31. Is Scarlett going to kill this man? I think she might.
  32. Why did Rayna leave? She’s all “he’s abusive” and just takes off?
  33. Maddie confronts Clay over his many issues. She is very young for this kind of drama. Why can’t she just like, be 16?
  34. How did they fall in love so quickly? Didn’t they meet on a street corner once?
  35. Gunnar can really move on, can’t he? He’s acting like nothing happened.
  36. Just in time! Rayna’s stalker is now ringing the doorbell! Psych! It’s Clay!
  37. There’s Rayna’s stalker! He’s at Highway 65!