“Nashville” Season 5, Episode 6: Rayna Can’t Even and Luke Wheeler Still Exists

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Last week we finally met Rayna’s stalker, Scarlett got in a fight and Will stepped out on his own.

46 Thoughts on “Nashville,” Season 5, Episode 6:

1. Deacon doesn’t think people attack people just to be friends. Same.
2. OMG. Dolly Parton recommended this security team? Dolly is always there for people.
3. Rayna is not convinced that these US Army vets can defend her stalker. She should work on her facial expressions.
4. So, here it is– Juliette’s therapist is definitely interested in her.
5. Oh! Luke does exist.
6. This gun debate didn’t last long. How’s it so simple?
7. Maddie loves a good fight and this might have been my favorite fight ever between mother and daughter.
8. Rayna came out in full force for this one.
9. EMMYs for every facial expression in this scene.

10. Rayna throws out the jail card before delivering an epic speech and several other amazing facial expressions.
11. Daphne’s take on the Clay-Maddie situation? “He’s really cute.” Gotta respect lil’ sis taking up for big sis.
12. Juliette’s angel is now traveling to Nashville for dinner? I can’t keep up with this.
13. “It’s a church– anybody can come.” LOL. Sure, sure, angel baby.
14. Avery has a gig! Daddy is bringing home the bacon again.
15. Juliette is definitely going to make a gospel album with Angel girl. (I noted this would happen four episodes ago.)
16. Is Daphne really getting a storyline here? Surely not.
17. Maddie is trying to get deep with Clay by addressing “putting on a show.”
18. Clay has now realized that 17-year-olds are really young. And have a shit ton of attitude.
19. Avery’s gig is pretty early on a Sunday morning. I’ve been to shows at all times of day, on every day of the week. Never have I been to show on a Sunday morning while other people are at church.
20. I’ve been to Sunday brunch where people get a little crazy. But, no Sunday brunch crowd is as enthusiastic as Avery’s crowd. This is somewhat unbelievable.
21. I hope this is Juliette’s path to happiness. Never has a TV character deserved happiness as much as she does.
22. A manager was out in that hyped up crowd and he wants to take Avery back out into the spotlight.
23. When was the last time Rayna and Juliette talked? I like when they talk.
24. If Juliette doesn’t ask to make a gospel album with Rayna– I’m out.
26. It’s time for Rayna and Juliette to have a real friendship.
27. Wow. Took us a little while to get to Scarlett. Especially considering she’s in so much turmoil over this music video.
28. Scarlett likes the video?
29. Is Scarlett going to fall in love with this guy?
30. Maddie is asking why people are complicated and she’s not even talking about people’s Facebook political views.
31. Maddie is somewhat irrational.
32. “You should be with someone who’s not crazy– if you can find someone.” — Now, that is some advice.
33. Angel and her friend had a gig at an elementary school and Juliette is trying to convince her to make a record.
34. Luke? Luke! Is that you?
35. This guy is going to take Will up on his dressing room offer.
36. Just saying, not even tech billionaires can walk around backstage without a pass.
37. Zach thinks Will is “very special.”
38. Maddie is being nice to Deacon, so this is very confusing.
39. Will wants to go and do what most parents do with their children’s dogs– go live on a farm.
40. I do appreciate that Luke and Rayna can be civil and chill with each other. If this was dramatic I wouldn’t be able to deal.
41. You go, Luke. Luke has developed as a character when most characters on this show don’t get to progress in any direction.
42. I am so into Juliette’s sass. I wish she was a little sweeter to Avery, but whatever.
43. Oh. This is a classic case of “projecting.” Don’t quote me on that.
44. Even the worst entertainment reporters wouldn’t say things like that about someone going to church or rehab.
45. Daphne is way too chill about this stalker.
46. You go, Juliette! Keep going to church and take Avery with you. AMEN, girl.