38 Thoughts About the “Nashville” Season Premiere

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The first hour of CMT’s 2-hour season five “Nashville” premiere aired previously. I picked up with the second hour.

Nashville” hasn’t wasted anytime moving these characters right along. In some cases, that means totally forgetting about past storylines.

  1. Are Gunnar and Scarlett really arguing over those texts?
  2. Does she really text him that early in the morning? (The kids would say “v early.”)
  3. Somehow, even though Rayna is a worldwide superstar, she drove a really old car across the country– and made it home safely!
  4. Will Lexington is going to be a model?
  5. Rayna knows how to get Deacon to do whatever she wants– ask him while in bed together. Kind of not fair. In this case, it’s a concept album of their love story.
  6. Also, don’t let him answer– just kiss him.
  7. Deacon is an angel. After turning out the lights, he tells Rayna to, “just dream big.”
  8. Why is Scarlett so difficult and passive aggressive?
  9. Will doesn’t know what a trunk show is, but his boyfriend really wants a new sport coat, so he is going to one.
  10. Bucky is such a “yes” man. I feel bad for him.
  11. Deacon doesn’t want to do the album.
  12. Rayna forgot that Maddie ran away, he punched his AA sponsor and he owns a bar or used to own a bar.
  13. Deacon is going to “think about it,” but he is just saying that.
  14. Scarlett brings up a good point to Deacon, “what are you going to write about– bunnies and sunsets and beer?”
  15. Finally! Juliette! She is sad and can’t help feed the baby because she won’t do the “airplane thing.” Avery forgot she was in a plane crash.
  16. Juliette’s attitude is as fierce as ever and I love it. It is a bad attitude, but that’s to be expected after being rescued by a real actual angel from a deadly plane crash.
  17. Rayna is pressuring Deacon into making a decision about this album and guilt-tripping him like never before.
  18. Again, Scarlett tries to pick a fight with Gunnar.
  19. At this point, Gunnar is a saint.
  20. Scarlett needs to figure her shit out, because I can’t handle a full 22 episodes of this.
  21. Rayna and Highway 65 Records have hired a new social media and marketing manager. Rayna does not know what that job title means, but she’s into it. Or trying to be.
  22. Rayna and Deacon trying to decide what this YouTube sensation’s name is might be one of the funniest scenes in the history of this show. I hope they talk about Snapchat soon.
  23. Will gets a private fitting at the trunk show and of course, the guy is super into him and they all but kiss as this the guy is rubbing all over him and his new sportcoat.
  24. Do people really make passes at people, get turned down and say, “the offer is open”?
  25. Finally, the passive aggressiveness of Scarlett turns into actual aggressiveness.
  26. Snap! Deacon finally called Rayna out, “It means I go your way or I live with disappointing you. Hell of a choice.”
  27. Deacon has decided that letting Rayna make all of the decisions in their life is hard on him.
  28. Tables turned and now, Rayna called out Deacon on his bullshit decision making skills.
  29. Maybe Deacon and Rayna should go to couples counseling. Especially after he punched all of those people?
  30. Scarlett is now comparing her relationship with Gunnar to people who own dogs and horses. She has officially taken this to the next level of crazy.
  31. Juliette and angel Emily made their way to the church where Juliette’s other angel attends. The way that van door opened was pretty amazing.
  32. Hannah Lee, the angel, doesn’t want any attention, which is kind of sad, because I’m not sure Juliette wants attention, she just wants help and stuff.
  33. But, now, this angel Hannah Lee, who goes by Hallie, has rejected Juliette’s offer and Juliette probably won’t rest until she has tracked her down and made a movie about her life.
  34. I’m also assuming that Hannah Lee/Hallie will have a record deal by the end of this season?
  35. That floral display Rayna just walked through the door would also look good in Buckingham Palace. How did she carry that on her own? She’s strong, but delicate.
  36. Oh, man. Rayna is good at this thing, “I’m not disappointed in you. I’m disappointed in myself.”
  37. Oh, man. Deacon is good at this thing, too. This song is sweet, witty and thoughtful. Nailed it.
  38. At this point, they want me to believe that the rich tech guy is stalking Rayna. Don’t believe it.