Terrified Contestants Play “Make It Rain” On “Ellen” And Get Soaked

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What are you more afraid of: getting wet on national TV or winning $10,000? The idea of either happening obviously chilled two contestants to the core on “The Ellen Show.” Sure, they wanted to win, but it mostly looked like they were trying their hardest to do nothing. And that, dear reader, made the game even more hilarious.

The game is simple: every correct answer give you an opportunity to pick an umbrella. One umbrella contains $10,000, the rest are full of water. Contestant will either get soaked or covered in cash. Mostly, the latter happened.

The standout feature of this game was not the water, but the palpable nervous energy of both contestants.

They were walking balls of shock, fear, and trembling.

“You could win ten thousand dollars! How do you feel?”

This girl is me trying to figure out my life.

Who knew water was so terrifying?