Nick Viall (From “The Bachelor”) is Headed Back to TV as An Actor, Which is Not Shocking Information


Nick Viall has appeared on approximately half of the seasons of “The Bachelor/ette.” So, that’s something like 3 years worth of reality TV dating, which is closer to 42 years in reality TV time. (Reality TV time is a lot like dog years, but more.)

The not-so-fan-favorite is headed back to ABC this fall as an actor. Or a dancer. You’ll recall he was William Shatner least favorite contestant ever on “Dancing With the Stars” once.

Viall is set to appear in a November episode of ABC’s “Speechless,” which is in its second season. He is not appearing as himself, which means he’s an actor. Which means, if he ever heads back to reality TV his bio will have to change. Nick is going to play a “hunky” method actor named Tyson. Which, oh okay, maybe this is reality TV? Sounds right up his alley.

Nick and Vanessa Grimaldi recently called off their 5-month engagement, so it’s about time for him to get the TV itch again, if he keeps up his current cycle of appearing on television.

“Speechless” airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC. “The Bachelor” is back in January.

Lauren Cowling
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