We Need to Talk About the Way Nicole Kidman Was Clapping at the Oscars


First off — I’m a big ole fan of Nicole Kidman.

I love her movies, I love her style, I love her accent, I love her personality — and, oh yeah, I love her husband. But, something she did last night at the Oscars made me question everything.

After some sort of something won, Nicole was caught on camera clapping like this.

I mean — WHAT!

I have so many questions. Like, why does she have Grinch hands? Why are her hands barely touching? Why are her fingers so long? Is she human?

Anyway, I know this is trivial, but I still thought we should discuss it.

Erin Brelsford
Erin has been passionate about all things entertainment, country music, food and fashion for as long as she can remember.---When not writing, Erin enjoys spending time with her husband Matt and their two dogs, watching movies, eating good food and traveling as much as [email protected]

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