Nikki Bella Wows “Dancing With the Stars” Judges with Super Sexy Argentine Tango

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Forget Disney week, this week on “Dancing With the Stars” is all about the movies– but, not Disney movies– other genres of movies. For Nikki Bella and partner Artem Chigvintsev it’s all about “foreign films,” which is probably only a movie category to John Cena and your dad, but whatever.

Nikki and Artem are tasked with dancing the sexy and difficult Argentine tango and during rehearsals we learn that Nikki has fallen in love with dance and now, she just wants to work on her technique and being vulnerable with Artem.

“There’s a lot of changing here…it’s a lot…this goes beyond on my comfort zone. Artem has helped me understand that it’s okay being vulnerable,” she then calls him her “Russian therapist.

Each week you can tell that Nikki is improving and enjoying herself more and more– this week was no different.

The pair lost balance at one point, but Artem admitted it was on him. Len Goodman thought they were great. Guest judge Shania Twain said, “that was so romantic…you were translating the romance… it’s incredible how sensual the flick of ankles in unison can be.”

Wait, what? Oh, she’s right. Ankles are sexy, y’all!

So sexy that each judge awarded Nikki and Artem 9s across the board.

And maybe Nikki’s man, John Cena, liked it? Hard to tell if he is proud or stewing over all the compliments for Nikki and Artem as a pair.