Jimmy Kimmel Gave a Jet Ski to the Oscar Winner with the Shortest Acceptance Speech and Helen Mirren Helped

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Like almost every Oscar show before it, the 90th Annual Academy Awards ran long, despite a strong effort from host Jimmy Kimmel. At the beginning of the show, Kimmel reminded attendees that if they won, they would have to make a speech, “If you do get an Oscar tonight we want you to give a speech and we want you to say whatever you feel needs to be said. Speak from the heart. We want passion. You have an opportunity and a platform to remind millions of people about important things like equal rights and equal treatment. If you want to encourage others to join the amazing students at Parkland at their march on the 24th do that.” And then he said there would be incentive for not saying all of those things in one speech.

“But with that said, this is a really long show. So here’s what we’re going to do. Not saying you shouldn’t give a long speech but, whoever gives the shortest speech tonight will go home with, Johnny tell them what they’ll win. It’s a brand new jet ski,” as Helen Mirren and a brand new jet ski appeared on screen.

According to several attendees, during a commercial break official rules for winning the jet ski were displayed on TVs in the theater.

Costume designer Mark Bridges won the Oscar for Best Costume Design for his work on the movie “Phantom Thread” and he said he wasn’t trying to win the Jet Ski.

Bridges told “Entertainment Tonight” after the show, “”That was an accident. I really had things to say… I forgot a sentence and now look ― I got me and Helen Mirren on a jet ski and now I have a jet ski.They said can you come to the green room and I was like, oh no, I got the jet ski.”