Paige Davis Will be Back to Host TLC’s “Trading Spaces”


Earlier this year, TLC announced it was bringing the original home-flipping design and decor challenge show, “Trading Spaces” back to TV. The show has been off the air for 10 years, so naturally fans have wondered what part of the original cast, if any, would return?

Well, the wait is over– Paige Davis the original and only host of “Trading Spaces” will be back in the driver’s seat.

Since the show ended, Davis has hosted the shows “Home Made Simple” and “Home & Family,” and in 2013 she revived her role as Roxy Hart in “Chicago” on Broadway.

In a short video, Davis simply said, “I will be hosting Trading Spaces again, I’m back at TLC, back home and back where I belong.”

Still no official word on when filming begins.

Lauren Cowling
Born and raised in the South, Lauren grew up going to football games with her family and eating overcooked steak. When not writing, Lauren enjoys reading biographies, searching for pictures of puppies on the internet and drinking Sprite.

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