Phil Collins Finally Shared the Real Story Behind “In The Air Tonight”

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Some things in life are unexplainable. One of those things for me is my deep, deep love for all things Phil Collins. My love for Phil (and Genesis) started late in life, but luckily he has a list of hit songs to get most of people through a couple of lifetimes. I have an iTunes playlist just called “PHIL.” and I listen to it whenever I need to get pumped up.

One of the songs on the playlist is obviously “In The Air Tonight.” Over the years, dozens and dozens of stories about the meaning behind this song have been shared. A quick google of it produces about 1,150,000 results. The song is 35 years old, so that’s about 32,000 theories a year.

Collins was recently on “The Tonight Show” and he told Jimmy Fallon the real story behind the song. It’s way less dramatic than any of the Internet theories, but still makes for a great story.

Collins also played the epic song with The Roots and Questlove totally nailed the drum solo.