12 Funniest/Most Interesting Tweets About Dean Being Sent Home on “The Bachelorette”


I’ve been watching “The Bachelor/ette” for a long, long time. In recent years, I’ve started paying less attention on Monday nights while I scroll Instagram and keep up with the drama. During the most recent episode of Rachel Lindsay’s season, I was all eyes and ears for Dean’s hometown visit to his dad’s house. His dad, who he hasn’t spoken to in 2 years. His dad the Sikh.

Dean spent a lot of time preparing Rachel for the meeting– his mom died and his dad didn’t hold the family unit together, his dad adopted a whole new faith and so on and so on. Rachel pushed Dean inside his dad’s house, telling him she’d be there every step of the way. Dean confronted his dad, Rachel even talked to his dad.

Rachel dumped his ass on national TV. And the Internet did not like it.

12 Funniest/Most Interesting Tweets About Dean Being Sent Home on “The Bachelorette”:

Lauren Cowling
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