Was This The Most Awkward Kiss Ever on “The Bachelorette”?

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Sweet, sweet Rachel Lindsay didn’t sign up for this.

And by this, I mean– she didn’t sign up to have some former elementary school camper she once knew to awkwardly kiss her on national TV.

Ol’ Fred was putting a lot of pressure on this kiss, telling the cameras beforehand that he felt like the kiss would be a sign if they were meant to be together or not and that “he’s a man and not a boy anymore.” Things were looking bad before he even got in front of her.

When he finally got in front of Rachel, he said, “I’m taking this extremely serious and is this a time that I can kiss you?”

First off, what a weird way to ask a question.

Second, he didn’t even ask to kiss her, he asked if she felt like it was a good time to kiss her– not even for an actual kiss.

Rachel’s immediate reaction was a simple, “you’re asking if you can kiss me?”

The kiss was painful. Rachel didn’t feel it. And she probably didn’t feel like it was the right time for it either. He should’ve stuck with his original question.