Mandy Moore Dishes On What It’s Like Acting With Robot Babies On ‘This Is Us’

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We know the cast of “This Is Us” is incredible. They make us cry every week. But who is the best crier on set? What is it like acting with babies, both real and robotic? Who will the characters dress up like for Halloween? These questions were killing me! But thankfully there’s Mandy Moore, who graced the stage of “The Tonight Show” to answer all those questions and more.

Here’s what we learned:

Sterling is the best crier.

According to Moore, she and Chrissy Metz (who plays Kate) are the most emotional people on the show. Tears come easy. But the best crier is sterling K Brown. She claims he is so good that he can pick which eye he cries out of.

The Department of Homeland Security makes her act with robotic babies.

Real babies can be difficult to work with, but they’re real. However, they have to have picture ID’s to work on set dues to restrictions from the Department of Homeland Security, because if someone is going to steal our jobs it’s a working child actor, I guess. Anyway, her description of the robots is amazing.

You’ll never guess who Rebecca is going to be for Halloween…

I guess you don’t have to guess now, but the reason why is pretty incredible.