Ronnie Dunn Kiss You There Lyrics

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Kiss You There

Don Schlitz / Josh Kear (ASCAP)

Sweatin’ on a tractor in Oklahoma

Sunset in the canyon in Arizona

Midnight at the top of the empire state

In the middle of the traffic on the Golden Gate

Standing in front of the Mona Lisa

Chilling in Cabo with a margarita

On the roof of Buckingham Palace

On the fifty-yard line in Dallas

Ohhhhh  Ohhhhh


I wanna kiss, I wanna kiss you, I want to kiss you there

You never know when, I’ll lay one on your lips

It could be anywhere

I wanna kiss you there

Ohhhhh  Ohhhhh

Top of the wheel at the fair in Ohio

Rolling in Vegas at the Grand Casino

Taking a walk on the wall in China

Lying on the beach down in Carolina

Throwing beads in the old French Quarter

Tijuana café on the Mexico border

In Atlanta, cruising on Peach Tree

Rocking lower Broad in the Music City

Ohhhhh  Ohhhhh


Someday, when you say yes, in a white dress

Baby, looking like a princess

Nobody and their brother gonna stop me

In front of God and everybody . . .


I wanna kiss, I wanna kiss you, I wanna kiss you there

When you say “I Do”, I’ll lay one on you,

I’m wanna kiss you, I wanna kiss, baby I wanna kiss you there.


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