Sadie Robertson Hosts “Live Original LIVE” in Nashville

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If you are a fan of  “Duck Dynasty,” you are sure to know Willie and Korie’s spunky eighteen-year-old daughter, Sadie Robertson. Sadie is known for her call to young people to “Live Original” in all areas of their lives such as in school, their towns and in their relationships.

The first live event was held in Nashville at Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena as part of a college tour show.

“This is the most excited I have ever been about any event, and that’s saying a lot!” said Sadie. “We have been praying that this message will touch a lot of lives.”

The response was overwhelming and a huge success as you can see from the tweets on the event hashtag #liveoriginal.


This attendee said her life was changed forever!


Another who said, “…doesn’t even seem real”

Lipscomb’s Allen Arena was a packed house!

Even the guys were excited! 


The merch was adorable!

And the music was inspiring:

Keep on influencing lives, Sadie!

Image Source: PR Photos