Sadie Robertson Talks About Dating Texas A&M Quarterback Trevor Knight

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So, it looks like “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson has a new man in her life.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the reality TV star, fashion designer, philanthropist, dancer and all-around cutie confessed that she and Texas A&M Quarterback Trevor Knight have been dating for around three weeks. According to her, it’s “super chill.”

“He had messaged me because he goes to Haiti every year on a mission trip and he saw that I go to Haiti,” she said. “We just kinda connected through that, very much friends at first.”

Their first official date happened when Sadie asked Trevor to attend a Justin Bieber concert with her.

“Trevor lives in Texas and he was messaging me, and I was like, ‘Uh, do you want to go to a Justin Bieber concert with me? Because I don’t have anybody to go with.’ And he was like, ‘Sure.’ So, he came and I guess we just hit it off,” Sadie explained.

But, Sadie says the two didn’t really start considering a relationship until a month or so later.

“We didn’t date then. Actually, I didn’t talk to him for a month after that. I was like, ‘No,'” she confessed. “Then a month later, he called me and was like, ‘So, why didn’t you just talk to me for a month?’ And we ended up becoming friends and, of course, started dating three weeks ago” — so cute.

Watch the full interview below.