Kevin James ​And Jimmy Fallon Falling Over Is Pure, Classic, Literally LOL’ing Gold

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Despite the constant rumors, Kevin James is not making a mid-life career shift to more dramatic films. The man is, was, and (it seems) always will be a slapstick comedian. And while the days of pratfalls are long past, James has doubled down on his Mall Blart segway because he knows something we don’t: people falling over will always be funny.

No matter how hard you try, you will always giggle at someone being outright silly. It’s a scientific fact. So when Jimmy Fallon challenged James to a pratfall competition, I grabbed my popcorn and got ready to ROFL.


Challenge #1: Tripping up stairs then falling down the stairs

James sacrificed his body

Fallon did yoga

Challenge #2: Replacing the water cooler

James, again, went all out

Jimmy was pretty great, but less physical

Challenge #3: Deliver red wine and spaghetti to patrons wearing all white

I laughed the whole time.