Sergio Dipp Isn’t The Sportscaster We Asked For But He’s The Sportscaster We Need Right Now

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Hot take: we don’t need sportscasters. You can watch a game without anyone giving you the backstory of players and telling you what you are looking at. Is it nice? Yes. Does it add to the broadcast? When the sportscasters are good (Gus Johnson, MNF Football Crew). But when it comes to sideline reporting, you pretty much get the same thing every time. Well, that was until Mexican reporter Sergio Dipp hopped on the mic.

Sergio was thrown the commentary on Vance Johnson’s first game as a head coach and said

Beth, coach, it’s a pleasure to be with you guys…here on the field from up close…just watching. Coach Vance Joseph, from here. Watch him now on the screen. There’s diversity in his background that’s helping him a lot tonight. Cornerback at Colorado, defensive back in the NFL. And here he is having the time of his life. This night, making his head coaching debut.

We aren’t sure why ESPN put Dipp on the air, but fans seemed to really enjoy it.

Respect to Sergio for doing a live broadcast in a second language. He took it all in stride.

Despite the love for Dipp, it is doubtful that we will see him on the air again. He has returned to Mexico City where he reports for ESPN Deportes.