Seth Meyers Started Interviewing His Brother And Ended Up Day-Drinking With His Dad

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“Mimosas aren’t alcohol,” Seth Meyers suggested as the interview went completely off the rails. What started as a normal interview with his brother in the studio had ended up in a very normal sibling rivalry over video games, beer, and funny hats. I’ve never related to a celebrity more.

Brothers making fun of each other while playing vintage video games is one of the more normal things I’ve ever seen on late night TV. But it was also one of the most hilarious.

“Three days after Seth got his license he put my Dad’s Lincoln Town Car on top of a rock wall in New Hampshire,” is 100% something a good brother would say to any of his friends/girlfriend meeting the family for the first time. The whole thing then devolved into “Make Fun of Seth Territory.”


Video don’t lie, homie.

Then, LOOKOUT, Dad showed up!

The vido just keeps getting better and better.

The Meyers family needs their own show.

Get out of here Kardashians. You’re finished.