Simon Cowell Knows Who Is Going To Win “America’s Got Talent”

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I don’t know how someone gets into ventriloquism. Outside of shows like “America’s Got Talent” and the Miss America Pageant, I don’t can’t remember a single time I have ever seen, or gotten excited to see a ventriloquist. But, y’all, I cannot get enough of 12-year-old Darci Lynn Farmer, the darling and current favorite to win AGT.

Farmer performed a fast paced comedy act and three part cover of “With A Little Help From My Friends” that wowed both the audience and brought the judges to their feet. Simon Cowell, who has been on a nice streak this season, outdid himself in his judgement of Darci. “I think you’re gonna win,” he said, backed by a round of applause.

Darci not only created two distinct characters, but played three parts (including herself) in various octaves while singing with her mouth closed. It was no easy feat for any performer. This girl’s got it.