Ellen DeGeneres Scared the Bejesus Out of Olympian Simone Biles

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Olympians are not like the rest of us. They have unbelievable determination, focus and drive towards a singular goal that people only care about every 4 years. A few of those athletes become American heroes for the games, achieve international fame overnight, only to fall immediately back into obscurity. Simone Biles is an exception; she achieved incredible success in the Olympics and has remained famous for over a year. Her story is amazing and she seems perfectly sweet but because she spent most of her life in the gym she knows very little about normal life. Ellen found that out pretty quickly. And you know, she missed all of those Elvis Presley songs?

Most of the interview is Ellen asking Simone why she isn’t doing normal twenty-year-old things only to realize that she is in no way prepared for adulthood. Ellen begins the conversation thinking, “Hey, you’re 20. You can live on your own and get a tattoo,” and ends with “Yeah, you should stay home for a while and shouldn’t be making your own decisions.”

When you live in a gym you don’t learn how to adult. That’s the cost of being a young Olympian.

The highlight of the interview comes with the scare. There is nothing better than watching other people get scared and nothing worse than getting scared yourself. But that’s why we love Ellen— all the fun and none of the crippling heart palpitations.