Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon Played ‘Are You Smarter Than a Smart Girl’ on “The Tonight Show” and It Was Epic

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I think we have seen this game before, except it was hosted by Jimmy Fallon’s doppleganger, Jeff Foxworthy. “Are You Smarter Than A Smart Girl?” may be a simple knock off of “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” but the idea of supporting and celebrating smart kids while having fun at an adult’s is still a lot of fun.

Amy Poehler stopped by “The Tonight Show” to promote her new movie, “The House” and her organization Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, a group that supports curiosity, achievement, and empowerment of women. As a result, she and Jimmy played a game with two intelligent young women. In the game, the adults attempted to answer increasingly difficult questions with minimal help from the smart girls. I use the word “minimal” in the most general sense because they got a lot of help.

Ultimately, the game was not about winning or even having fun, but encouraging young clever girls in their intellectual pursuits. These girls knew every answer posed to them, which not many adults can say. In that way, we are not as smart as a smart girl.