The Best Reactions From The Insane “Will It Hotdog?” Challenge


I’ve always been told you don’t want to know what goes into a hotdog, that those who know can never enjoy a frank at a ballpark again. ignorance is bliss. But it could be worse– much much worse. Jimmy Fallon found that out the hard way.

Jimmy Fallon took on one of the most insane challenges with YouTube stars Rhett and Link by trying top make hot dogs out of very un-hotdog foods. Nothing says class like a sushi hotdog aka, the “Raw Dog”, or avant-garde like the tomato soup dog, “Soup Doggy Dog.”


The reactions were priceless.

When your uncle starts talking politics during Thanksgiving.


How you react to that one friend who always has “a great idea.”


How it feels to chew 5 Gum.

How people watch “The Bachelor in Paradise”:


“Don’t you want to do something other than watch Netflix the weekend?”


All said, it was one of the more noteworthy segments in recent late night TV.

Dusty Sullivan
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