What is the Spiciest Snack You Can Buy at the Gas Station?

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Spicy snacks are a way of life. that may sound like hyperbole, but think about it. People say things like “I’m not a spicy food person.” That’s not who I am. I’m not that person. Spicy people live it. They want the spice, the fuego, the flame. And that begs the question: what is the spiciest everyday food you can buy? I don’t mean ghost peppers, i mean the stuff at the gas station you can grab during a road trip. Rhett and Link, two spice enthusiasts tested the question in an all out food brawl that I’m glad I could watch and not test.

You got:

  • Andy Capp’s Hot Fries (which I think are based off of a newspaper comic?)
  • Flaming’ Hot Cheetos
  • Takis Fuego, which has a roller coaster named after it and has reportedly put kids in the hospital
  • Snak Club’s Hot & Spicy Peanuts
  • Pringles LOUD Salsa Fiesta
  • Jack Link’s Hot & Spicy Beef Stick
  • Hawaiian Mango Habanero Kettle Style Potato Chips
  • Doritos Flamas
You’ve at least tried one of them. At least. C’mon. If not, you had better hop in your car and do it to it, Lars. Because why wouldn’t you spice up a road trip, running errands, or a lazy day at the lake?

Rhett and Link take on the hottest bite-sized goodies and put them to a tournament style test where only the hottest survive. Fun fact: that was also the initial pitch for “Bachelor In Paradise”. Anyway, let’s keep moving.

The results are surprising.

A BEEF STICK AND HAWAIIAN CHIPS IN THE FINALS!? Y’all, that came outta nowhere. But hey, I love Hawaiian chips. Now I have to pick these up the next time I see them.