Nashvillian Catches The Spirit Of Music City On The Interstate Practicing His Recorder

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Think about how much of your life is spent in your car. Getting from point A to point B takes a serious chunk of time out of your day. That time could be used to make phone calls, meditate, or practice your recorder skills so that you could write the next “My Heart Will Go On.”

One Nashville man is unwilling to waste his time by simply sitting in a car and, shoot, this is Music City isn’t it? Recorders aren’t just for elementary school children; they have brought the world some of the finest music it has ever heard: the theme to “Lord of The Rings”, the theme to “Braveheart”, the theme to “Titanic”, and themes to movies starring British people. There is a shameful lake of recorders in country music. Yeah, I said it! But this man dares to ask, “Why not country? Why not the recorder? Why not now?”

We salute you, sir. So play us a song Mr. Recorder Man! Our hearts are ready.