Canada's Version Of 'The Bachelor' Is Still Very Weird

Canada’s Version Of ‘The Bachelor’ Is Still Very Weird

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Let’s start with restating the obvious: there is no need for a Canadian version of “The Bachelor.” Canadians regularly are contestants (and win) on the American version. It just seems unnecessary. Even so, the show of roses has headed into the wild north to find a very weird set of contestants. One of whom is a self-proclaimed mermaid who is, inexplicably and impractically, always wearing a mermaid tail nicknamed “Squirrel Girl.”

This is Lisa.

She showed up the the house in a mermaid tail. She also has a pet squirrel.

She continued to wear her tail for a photo shoot on the beach in Costa Rica (because Canada’s beaches are all v cold). During the shoot, she was dropped into the water kinda roughly, as if the Bach was throwing a fish back into the sea.

“The Bachelor Canada”: where the weird dreams you forgot all come true.

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