Sterling K Brown Answered Questions Online About “This Is Us” Only Using GIFs From The Show


A picture may be worth a thousand words but a GIF is an entire conversation. They convey emotion, tone, and everything you don’t have the words to express in a simple image loop. They’re perfect. So when Sterling K Brown announced that he was going to do a Q & A on Twitter using only GIFs from “This Is Us”, we knew it would be challenging, but worth more than any character limit Twitter imposes.

Questions ranged from his favorite part about his character Randall, to info about fellow cast members, to what would happen to his character in the future. And without a single word, we understood every one of his answers.

Whats your favorite part about working on “This Is Us”??

What is your favorite thing about Randall?

What’s your favorite Randall dad jokes?

Was there ever a certain storyline that hit close to home?

How awesome is Susan Kelechi Watson in real life?

Is there anything Beth and Randall can’t accomplish?

Does Deja come back to live with Randall & Beth?

Do you cry as hard as we do watching “This Is Us”?

Favorite personality trait of Randall?

Is there an award for best smile in the universe?

Are you excited to do more future scenes as older Randall?

“I have no question, just want you to know you make me smile every time I see you on tv. Randall is my favorite character on the show. Thank you so much for bring him to life!!!, in the only way you can!!”

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